Friday, October 2, 2009

The Launch of Fridays With Mr. Milk

Since Chocolate Lover moved to Vancouver to be with me things have been different. We are finally together after so many years of long distance, and funnily enough, since she's come here we've done nothing else but travel! Well, let's pause for a second because this is my time to speak my mind. I get the Friday guest post on what seems to be my fiance's newfound hobby: blogging about the wedding, thereby effectively documenting every-step-of-the-way-to-the-alter! 

I'll dedicate this week's post on praising Chocolate Lover on how fast she's learned to blog. From the two of us, I've definitely been the one to claim the techno-geek title. Things are different now. She's learned how to adapt a template by rationalizing HTML coding, how to customize her blog's layout, and how to participate in the blogosphere in order to drive traffic to her blog. I'm beginning to feel that I'll be dating a celebrity soon, and frankly, although some people may find blogging to be an odd hobby, I think it's one of the coolest, most 'with the times' thing anyone could do. So if Chocolate Lover's newfound 'obsession' isn't proof of her adapting to my techno-geek personality, then I don't know what is! 

To whomever is reading this, I promise I'll keep my guest posts related only to the theme of this blog, and that I'll keep the techno-talk for my blog (hint, hint) [What? Can't a guy put a plug in for his blog? (still a work in progress by the way)].

Until next Friday, this is Mr. Milk signing off. 

11 fabulous blogger's comments:

Unknown said...

It is great to hear directly from Mr. Milk! You sound alright, and probably worth Miss Chocolate Lovers time and affections :)

Amy said...

Stopping by from SITS. How sweet that your fiance will post on your blog. He has such wonderful things to say about you! I guess that is why you are marrying him, hu? :) Have a great Sunday!

the sunflower girl said...

HEllo from SItS!!
Have a wonderful day today!
Love you're blog!


Lady SUnflower

Stacy Marie said...

Yay for fiance guest posts, and I am so glad I can comment now!

Gretchen said...

Very sweet guest post from your guy! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I am now a follower! I found you from the SITS site. I'll be back for more great reading! ~gretchen

Dame Nuisance said...

Mr. Milk sounds like a real sweetheart! A guy can definitely plug his blog, altho' it helps if he actually tells us the name of said blog ...

Good luck planning your wedding. When Darling Husband and I got married 14+ years ago, we did it all ourselves, too. And definitely got married for peanuts without sacrificing any of the things that were important to us. I can be done!

Happy SITS Sunday Shout Out!

Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS. I just wanted to share a bit of comment love! ♥ How cool to have your fiance posting on your blog. My hubby posted on mine a couple of weeks ago to update everyone and let them know I was in the hospital again. It is so great when you find an awesome man like that to share your life with, huh?

I really like your blog so I will be back to read more soon. I hope you both have a wonderful Sunday and that the rest of your week is amazing!


Teresa <><

Unknown said...

that is so great that mr. milk is willing to be a guest poster..I try and get my hubs to guest post but he still hasn't yet! such a good idea! We did the long distance thing for a while too and it is so much better being close by :) stopping by from SITS! have a wonderful sunday!

Betty Manousos said...

Hello from SITS!
I 'm a chocolate lover, too.
You have a lovely blog:)
I'm following!!

Betty Manousos said...

I'd love if you checkd out mine out:)

Dumb Mom said...

How cool of your soon-to-be-Hubby to guest post on your blog. I don't even think my hubby has ever read my blog. I'd be surprised if he even knows the URL to it. Oh well, it's better that way in case I need to talk crap about him:)! Stopped over from SITS to say hello!