Sunday, September 26, 2010


The wedding was fantastic! It turned out to be so much more than I ever imagined! We even had our location shoot today and it was a blast! I can't wait to see our pictures (hint hint Petro ;)). It's hard to belive it's over. I thought I would feel some sadness after the event was over, kind of like the way you feel when you finish a good book, but I'm not. Of course there were some glitches along the way but nothing that couldn't be fixed. The next week will consist of showing our guests around and spending time with them. The week after that we go on our honeymoon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning Ladies!!

I know for most of you it's the middle of the night, but over here it's 9.30am and I'm at the hairdresser getting my hair done! So since all I have to do is sit here, I've decided to blog :) plus being distracted keeps the nerves at bay! I managed to sleep some last night which I am very surprised about. Granted I got up at 7 instead of 8 when the alarm was going to go off but big deal. So I open the door to head to the shower and there is a wrapped box in front of me. I pick it up and head to my mom's room thinking it's from my family. I open it up and it's the anniversary glass bowl from kitchenaid! I love that bowl! So I'm thinking my family has heard me talk about this so much that they went out and bought it for me. But they were clueless. So I call Mr. Milk and sure enough it's from him! I'm all giddy about the bowl and ask when we can get the mixer. He's all cool and like "oh not just yet, it's kind of pricey blah blah blah". And then I go downstairs and there it is in all it's glory!! A beautiful silver kitchenaid!! I love my hubby-to-be! About a half hour later the door bell rings. I get a delivery of a gorgeous bouquet of roses with good morning written on the outside of the card. His card brought my to tears! Which enabled my sister to win a bet that I would be the first person to cry. Who was I kidding! So anyway, now I'm getting my hair done with my best lady and one of my bridesmaids. Let's see how the rest of the day unfolds...

See You On The Other Side

Tomorrow is our big day! I can't believe it! Something that felt so far away is so near! We are each at our parents homes, waiting to see each other again outside the chapel. I will try to blog or tweat a bit as the day unfolds. Right now I am going to try get some beauty sleep. As far as tomorrow goes, I can't wait to marry my Mr. Milk! Love you babe!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Mr. Milk's grandmother passed away last night. She has been in and out of the hospital the past three months or so and was 94 years old. We knew that this was a very real possibility. Mr. Milk was even planning on passing by the hospital the day of the wedding to see her. 

She wasn't very responsive the past month and would just stare at you without saying a word. Her condition took a turn for the worse this past Sunday. Mr. Milk is pretty sad but I think also feels some relief that she is finally at peace. She'd had a very difficult time. 

The funeral will be held on Thursday and the wedding will take place as planned. FMIL is trying to do everything in her power to make sure our wedding is affected as little as possible, and for that we are both grateful.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Fired Our Videographer...

5 days before the wedding!!!

Ok so we meet with this guy and I am on the fence from the moment I see him! Sometimes you just know! And I knew this would not work out, despite Mr. Milk's frequent attempts to assure me that things would be ok!

To begin with, we meet with this guy at his video store / ice cream parlor / semi convenience store! Professional huh? Then he goes on to tell us that during the day he works for the power company and spends saturdays doing video. Since we are meeting at his multi-functional store, you can imagine that he is getting up every 10mins or so to help a customer. It is in those times that Mr. Milk is trying to put me at ease with what we are getting ourselves into. 

My first real strike was when he wanted to place a 2000watt flood light in our tiny, pretty church, staring at us! In Cyprus! With 95 degree weather! All I could picture was me in my heavy wedding dress melting away! So then he says he can reduce this to half, but can't do it without lights. That's still ridiculously hot in my book!

Then there was an issue with the time we were going to start. To cut a long story short, he wanted us to start 2 hours later than what our schedule was, and when we said that this couldn't happen, he said we would have to talk to the photographer he is contracted through to re-discuss the price. Keep in mind that we had already been upfront with both of them about the time we needed to start (because the distances between Mr. Milk's house, my house, and the venue is significant). So at this point we pause, saying that we'll need to talk to the photog in the morning, and go on to discuss what Mr. Milk and I want. 

Strike three came when we were discussing our first dance. We have been to a couple of weddings recently, where the videographer was literally circling the couple with his camera as they were doing their first dance. So in essence it was the newlywed couple and the camera dude sharing this special moment! No thank you. So we go on to tell him that we don't want him on the dance floor during our first dance. He appears a little shocked but willing to comply and says he'll just focus in using the camera zoom, although this will not be equal to the effect he would get if he were closer... Oooookkkaaayyyyy. At some point later in the conversation, he comes back to this topic on his own and states that, since we want the first dance to be "private" he'll even turn off his halogen lamps. Halogen lamps??? What do you mean??? He was planning of placing those things on either side of our dance floor! So much for ambient lighting! 

Well at this point he was out. Needless to say that this 20min meeting turned into an hour affair because he kept getting up to help customers. We left it saying that we would talk to the photog in the morning to figure out the time thing. 

As soon as we got in the car, Mr. Milk started frantically calling a guy he had just met the previous week who have done a video thing for his work. He has never done a wedding before but Mr. Milk had liked his work, and since we weren't all that invested in having video at the wedding, we were more than willing to give him a shot. So after a few calls back and forth, everyone was in agreement AND we got a better price than what we would have been paying! 

Needless to say, the next day when we called the photographer about the time situation he asked for more money. We basically said thanks but no thanks and were out of there. He didn't appear too fussed to have lost a client (i.e. he did not try to negotiate or talk it out) and we weren't bothered either because he had not asked for a downpayment!

So now we are working with two young guys who get us and what we want from our wedding day. They may be inexperienced but at least they won't make our ballroom look like an operating room and won't hold a vigil around us when we are dancing our first dance!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I've Changed My Mind...

...About my shoes!

Initially I was going to wear these shoes:

As you can see, I even bought bling for them! And posted about it! But way back when we were in Montreal, I saw and fell in love with another pair of beauties. And my heart was torn! But as the days get closer, I am convinced that I will be wearing these beauties...

Here's a better view.

And like many others, I tracked down some I Do stickers and stuck them on the soles...

Obviously I will make sure to get a much better pic of the shoes and the "I Do" on the actual day with our wonderful photographer! 

So what do you think? Good change or not so much?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Wedding Song

Mr. Milk and I are not one of those lucky couples that have a song. Choosing a wedding song has been a long process, which involved trying to find something that wasn't overly romantic and sappy, but that had a fun feeling to it. I really liked this song...

But clearly the lyrics are not for a wedding! But then we came across this...

Everything by Michael Buble

We both like the lyrics and the fact that its a more up-beat, happy song. Now all we need to do is figure out how to dance to it! I think a dance class is in order...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hair Trials

In the past 2 weeks I have had 3 hair trials. Each one lasts about 2 hours and other than this last one today, they have gone well. 

You might recall that I had an impromptu hair trial while back in Vancouver, with the friend that used to cut my hair. I just explained to her what I wanted and she came up with what you see in those pics. I was very happy with it! I took these photos and this Carrie Underwood one...

...and explained to the stylist what I wanted. The first trial was more of a "get-to-know-my-head" session. He played around with my hair, not really making anything solid, but trying to get an idea of what would look good. This is how it turned out...

The back I liked but the front, well, not so much.

Here it is from the other side. 

Like I said it was very casually taken up so he could get a sense of things. Neither he nor I were happy with the front, of which I don't have a picture to show you, but it did nothing for me. So a week later when I went back, I asked him to make the curls thicker (which he had already thought of) and to make it neater and more compact. He took my hair up much easier and quicker the second time around, giving us more time to play with the front. And here's what we came up with
As you can see, its a little neater and, I think, more elegant looking than the first trial

I took my flower clip to try out too and loved the way it looked!  

Again I don't have a good picture of the front, but he took my now too-long bangs and swept them back and slightly to the side. I was really happy with how the overall style turned out, and was happy stopping there with the trials. He wanted to try one more though and so I went back today. This is all I have to share:

Me looking like something out of star wars! hahaha

I didn't take any pictures of this last trial because I didn't like the style at all. It was too pulled back, too tight, and gave me a headache. So as things stand, I am going with the style he created during the second trial. I am very happy with it and hopefully all will go well with recreating it on the actual day!

Fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Baskets

For our international guests, I decided to... hang on a sec. International guests! GO AWAY! You can find out whats in the darn baskets when you get here!

Monday, September 13, 2010

We Have Marriage License!

This weekend Mr. Milk and I went down to the church office to get our marriage license. And as is customary, here is our pic

Friday, September 10, 2010

Make-up Trial Part One

Just had my first makeup trial and it went great. The beautician, Elli, was very cooperative and receptive to my feedback. She loves what she does and is willing to have as many trials as I want till we get it right. Today we started out with shades of purple. Although I love the colors and the look, I'm going to wait to see more before committing. Here's some pics for you to see, although keep in mind that I took them myself with the iPhone :) Feedback welcome

And here's a close up of the eye makeup

So what do you ladies think? How many trials did it take before you knew what you wanted? 15 days to go!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Let The Fun Begin!!!

I am off to my bachelorette weekend today!! I can't tell you how excited I am! Three days of lounging in a gorgeous villa, by the pool, at the spa, and spending the evenings with good friends, good food, and perhaps a wild night out!

While I am in the dark about the details of the weekend, I know that my gals have some fun plans up their sleeves. I will be taking plenty of pictures to share with you all!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wedding Favors

If you are attending our wedding, you need to go away right now!! This post is NOT for your eyes!! I still want some things to be a surprise! Thx, ok, goodbye!