Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bachelorette Party!!

As I mentioned earlier, my bachelorette party will take place at the same resort as the one we are getting married at. We looked at many options with the ladies, and this was not only the best value for money but also the one that would be the most fun since we are renting a 3 bedroom villa with a private pool for 3 days!! Not only will we all get to hang out together during the day and laze around by the pool, but we get to have a slumber party like we did when we were younger! I love girls weekends! 

The villa could look something like this (click to enlarge)

Or like this:

Or this:

The ladies are planning things that they are not informing me about, and while I usually hate knowing that there is something being planned without knowing details, I am excited about this one! We will be away from the 3rd of September till the 5th. There is a spa at the hotel as well and I plan on relaxing there and getting some body treatments! Mr. Milk is going away with the boys the same weekend, but he is going to Budapest!

I promise to take plenty of pictures to share with you ladies!

Where did you ladies have your bachelorette parties? Or where are you planning on having it?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Month To Go!!

OMG!!!!! I can't believe that there is only ONE month left till the wedding! I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone and we still have a bunch of things left to do. But OMG!

We still have invitations to give out and flowers to sort out and favors to purchase and the music list for the dj, but I think these are the big things that are left! Oh I also need to book make-up trials with the esthetician and go get a facial or two! The rest are taken care of I think. I'm sure we'll think of other things along the way that need to get done. 

I will apologize in advance for my absence in the next weeks. Not only do we not have internet, which makes it sooooooo difficult to keep in touch with you all, but there will be a lot of running around for the wedding. I hope you will bare with me!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today marks my blogs one year anniversary! Seems like yesterday when I was reading a bunch of bridal blogs and thought about starting my own! And here I am a year later with a bunch of new friends and people I never would have met without this little online journal!

Thank you to all of you for sharing in my journey this past year. I hope there will be many more to come! Happy Birthday Blog! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Honeymoon? Decided AND Booked!

I am going a little nuts without internet at the house! I can't read your blogs easily on the iphone and it takes forever to comment so most times I give up! So sorry ladies! I hope you will be patient with me!

I am at my parent's house at the moment so I am trying to write a few posts to update you all on what has been going on. And what better place to start than the honeymoon!!!

It took us forever to decided, even though we had this destination in mind for months, and it took even longer to book as there was a lot of back and forth with the travel agent. But finally it is all settled and I am excited to share pics with you!!! Here goes!

We'll be lounging here...

Walking along here...

Maybe have a romantic dinner here...

...and breakfast here.

Showering outdoors...

Laying around in here...

Having a drink here...

While staying in one of these...

And maybe getting upgraded to one of these (wink wink)!

Either way, we are going to have a fantastic time! Can anyone guess where this is?

We are going to the Maldives!!! I have wanted to go there for soooooo long! We are staying for a week at the Velassaru Maldives Resort. The best part is that we got a special deal where we were upgraded from bed and breakfast to half board for free! All the reviews we've read mention how expensive food can be there because you are dependent on hotel restaurants, so this is a great deal for us. Both Mr. Milk and I wanted a relaxing honeymoon somewhere tropical, and thats exactly what we are getting. We can't wait!

How about you ladies? What type of honeymoon did/do you want? 

*All pictures courtesy of Velassaru Maldives Resort*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've Missed You

Hello lovelies! I have missed you so! I have no internet in the new apartment and it is driving both Mr. Milk and I a little bit crazy! Unfortunately we won't be getting it anytime soon either! Since it is a new building, with 4 privately owned units, they have yet to connect the phone/cable company to the building, and our request is the first one. Everything shuts down here in August, so we are looking at September to be reconnected. I'm really not sure how Mr. Milk will survive this - most likely he will be searching for someones unprotected wifi connection :)

How are you all?! I have tried to read and comment as much as I can, but between moving, unpacking, multiple trips to IKEA, final wedding tasks, and the lack of a computer/internet, there isn't much time left. There are a few updates to report, so I will briefly mention them here and then elaborate more as soon as I have more time.

  • I have decided to keep my blog public. While I would still prefer it to be more private, I think doing so would make it more difficult for all my great readers and followers, and thats the last thing I want. Decision made!
  • We have decided on favors and are in the middle of ordering everything for them. All I can say at the moment is that they involve chocolate!!
  • Moving into our new home is going well. The apartment is starting to look and feel homey but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. We got most of our furniture delivered and all of our appliances, and I spent 2 days setting up the kitchen. It is almost ready for our first meal :)
  • Mr. Milk set up his bbq within 2 days of us moving in, and so now has a new baby. He is very proud
  • We have planned and booked my bachelorette weekend/party. It is taking place from the 3rd to 5th of Sept at a villa with private pool at the resort where the wedding is taking place! Can't wait!
  • Mr. Milk has also planned his bachelor party and is the same weekend as mine, which I think is very convenient. He is going to Budapest!
  • People have started RSVPing and we are excited that many also want to stay at the resort.
  • I have turned into bridezilla lately and am trying to keep her under control! When too many people get involved it drives me a little crazy!
  • I bought my garter set and gifts for my bridesmaids. Will show you soon. 
  • Flowers are still in the works and although I am not loving the lady who is in charge of weddings there, I am trying to work with her. 
  • There may be some good news brewing for me on the job front, but its too soon to tell just yet. Fingers crossed.
So whats going on with all of you? How are the wedding plans coming along? Congrats to all of you who got married while I was away from blogland!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The New Apartment

We had our mattress delivered yesterday so I took a few pics to share with you ladies while I was there. The pics are from my iPhone so not the best quality.

Our kitchen

Dining room

Living room with large balcony for Mr. Milk's bbq :)

Main bathroom

Master bedroom...

...with a sort-of walkin closet, that leads to an en-suite bathroom with a shower

We are very happy that we found a place so quickly and one that not only fits all the things we ordered but that we really really like. Hopefully soon enough, I'll be able to show you after pictures too. For the next few days we will be busy unpacking, receiving deliveries, and cleaning :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Apartment Fell Through

As some of you may recall, Mr. Milk and I had found an apartment a few weeks back that would be ready beginning of August for us to move into. Here is the apartment we had put a downpayment on. Well we met with the building owner this past Friday so we could sign the rental agreement. OMG!!! This woman was from another planet. She was probably in her late twenties but for some reason or another had also made some money. And it had gone straight to her head! All she cared about was getting/making money. The best way to describe her is a redneck from a Cyprus village!

When Mr. Milk asked her what type of tenants she was looking for (a question he had asked all landlords we had visited), her response was "Those who pay." She went on to tell us that she didn't care if tenants had issues between them, and if such problems were to arise we should just call the police! All we wanted to know was that we wouldn't be in a building full of rowdy college kids! She started telling us how they had built the building for personal use but decided to rent it out instead, how much money they had spent on it, and blah blah blah.

Since it was a new building, and everything in Cyprus shuts down in August, the phone company would not be available to put a phoneline in until September. Neither of us can live without internet but were willing to wait, if she showed some good faith and gave us a reduction in rent for that month. She had initially agreed that we would not pay maintenance fees for the month of August, but when we met with her on Friday decided to tell us that even though she was willing to give us the reduction, it was basically our problem since we were in "a rush" to move in. At that point I was like, we've been waiting 2 months, clearly noone is in a huge rush. Since there were a few things left to be finished in the apartment (mirrors in the bathrooms, toilet paper holders, aircondition controls, and some freaky wire thing in the bathroom) we left the lease as was and arranged a meeting for today at 1pm, to do a last inspection of the unit and sign the contract. I was soooooooo happy we didn't sign. I hated her! Everything in me said go look for another place to rent on Monday. Mr. Milk was infuriated by her, and he doesn't get angry easily at all. The poor agent called us within 10mins of leaving her place and apologised profusely for the other woman's behavior. I remember telling my mom that night that I would rather take the rent money and throw it in the streets than give it to this woman! But Mr. Milk is so tired of living at his parents house and not having his own space, that he couldn't even think about postponing moving for one more month!

Well this bitch decides to call the agent who was working with us and tell her that she was no longer interested in renting us the apartment! She said we were too demanding and she worried that she would have too many hassles with us as tenenats (keep in mind that she had already told us that she wanted nothing to do with the tenants, as long as they paid ofcourse)! Mr. milk was yelling up a storm. I don't think I've ever heard him swear so much! His initial reaction was that we are moving back to Canada :)

So we are left with furniture that has been ordered to fit the size of that apartment, appliances, and a mattress, that are ALL to be delivered at the end of this week! We are basically freaking out a little. The only good thing that came out of her backing out is that we got our deposit back.

Monday night I pack a few things and drive the one hour to Mr. Milk's parents house. I spent ALL day yesterday with my MOH in the car calling up rentals, following agents around int the hope that we would find a new place to rent, big enough to fit our purchases, and in time for the Thursday 1pm delivery of our furniture! Oh and it was about 105F outside with about 70% humidity. Gross!

Someone up above must have been looking out for us because yesterday afternoon we signed a new lease with a very sweet man, who was not only reasonable and cooperative, he offered to help us move our stuff! He bought this apartment for his daughter and we met with her at the lease signing too. She mentioned that several people had come to see her apartment but it was the first time she felt comfortable actually signing a lease. Of course we promised we would take super good care of her house. But my, what a difference! These people are just good, down to earth folks. Since I was in such a craze yesterday, I didn't get a chance to take any pics of the new place, but since we have the keys and will start our move today all through Saturday, I will take plenty and post as soon as I can.

As for the other woman, i refuse to waste any more tought or energy on her, and all I have to say is, karma's a bitch...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hair and MakeUp? Check!

Things have been a bit nuts around here as we get ready to move into our rental (finally)! There are still a few things to sort out, mainly because the owner of the building is a bitch and only interested in getting $$$, but hopefully by the end of the week we will have furniture, appliances, a bed, and a gazillion and five boxes in the apartment ready to be unpacked. 

In the meantime though, I have found a hairdresser and an esthetician for wedding day! It boggles my mind how expensive things are here, but such is life on a small island and I will have to suck it up! Despite the price tag, I am very happy with both selections. The hair stylist is great, and I have already set up 2 trials with him. I showed him the pic of what I want, as well as a pic of the dress, and he seems to think it will all work well together. Here's the inspiration picture I showed him, which I am sure you are all fed up of seeing in blogland :)

I'm not sure where I found this pic since its been saved on my comp for many many months. If you guys know pls tell me.

As for my makeup, I need to set up trial appointments with the make up artist, who also happens to be my MOH's cousin. I met with her and really liked the fact that she will come with me to the church and hang around doing touch ups until our big entrance at dinner! Our location/TTD shoot is the next day (a Sunday) and both were willing to accommodate this and drive the 30 mins to come help me get ready for that (this is already included in the price as standard practice here, just not on Sundays). 

Our first trial will start with shades of light blue and gold, emphasizing the eyes, and going light on the rest of the makeup. I'll be sure to take pics to show you ladies as they happen.

How did your hair and makeup trials go? Did you find people easily and were you happy with their services?