Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridays with Mr. Milk - Taking a Break

It has been a hectic two weeks! From a trip to the East coast to preparations for my company's Annual General Meeting, to the immense emotional reaction of everybody around me that now knows our big announcement.... it has certainly been exhausting.

I'm going to Miami.

It's Friday morning and I am writing the post I promised Chocolate Lover, right before I head to Vancouver airport. Myself and eight other friends of mine from all over the world are meeting in Miami for a bachelor party. Not mine(!), yet, but one of the other guys who's also getting married in Cyprus in May. I'm not all that excited yet, as it has been quite the crazy run the past few weeks, but I'm sure I'll be in seventh heaven once I hook up with the rest of the gang. I've promised Chocolate Lover to take photos with a blog post in mind, so now I'm making that promise to you too :)

It feels awkward being away from Chocolate Lover for the weekend, but I am grateful for how pleasant, encouraging and selfless Chocolate Lover has been, knowing that I'll be taking off with the boys to have fun while she's stuck back in Vancouver. Thank you honey!

Until next Friday, this is Mr. Milk signing off.

2 fabulous blogger's comments:

PartyPlannerGal said...

I think it's great to still have a boys' night every now and then, though I know it can be stressful to take off in the midst of everything going on. Have fun!

Mrs T said...

That sounds like loads of fun. Can't wait to see the pics!