Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Checklist

So I think its time to see what we have and what we still need to do for this wedding!

DOC - came with venue
Wedding Dress
Bridal Party
Toasting glasses
Blood tests
Mr. Milk's wedding ring
Grooms Suit
Bridal Party Attire - Chosen but need to order for the girls
Groomsmen ties
Bridal Party gifts
Invitations - Need to be edited and printed
My wedding ring
Marriage license
Program and seating chart
Guest book and table
Welcome baskets

Hmm. Looking at this list makes me feel a little nervous that we haven't gotten as much as I thought done. A lot of the to do things are a matter of doing the leg work, making purchases, and some things are just last-few-week things. 

Am I missing anything? Where are you guys in checking things off your lists?

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Discovery Street said...

I have so many things left to do and only 24 days left to do it! Thank God my future mother in law is handling a lot of the little details that would make me a crazy stress ball. I think having a destination wedding where it is just impossible to plan certain details was a good choice for me. (I can see however, how this could make Type A personalities even more stressed!) The things that are consuming my mind right now are the music playlist, how i'll do my hair and makeup, figuring out transportation, and organizing the schedule of the actual wedding day

Nicole-Lynn said...

You've accomplished a lot so far! I still can't believe the blood test thing, but it is a precaution so that's good! I know you'll get everything done and it will look great :) Looking forward to more wedding related posts...

Salt said...

Don't forget alterations!
I just finished having a meltdown because my regular lady is apparently away until mid-Feb and the woman there in her place is a horrible human being so I needed to find someone else in a pinch!

Patience said...

You have so much done already. My list is slowly dwindling down, but like you I have busy work to do.

Heather said...

It sounds like you’re definitely on track with the big things, although I’m sure as you go along, you may keep adding smaller things along the way like I have. I somehow keep adding more DIY projects to my list! :)

Shelli said...

Wow... I'm 84 days out and my list is twice as long as yours...if not more. :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Great list...I think you're on target. I find that when I was creating my to-do list or as I was moving along checking things off, I'd remember something to add as we started talking about an element of the wedding. So I was always taking quick notes to update the list. Don't try to think it through too much right now. You have plenty to do.

Like you, I have a lot of stuff that is difficult to do until the last few weeks...stuffing favors, creating seating assignments, etc. But it will all come together for sure. :)

Ali said...

I feel the same way! I feel like I'm procrastinating so many little things and one day its going to kick me in the butt! Our wedding is in June, and the next things on my list are to finalize invitations and find a card box :) I'm not too crafty but I think I might attempt to make one...could be scary!

JazzWhispers said...

You're doing pretty good! I'm kind of avoiding a complete to-do list, just doing a month by month until I hit my six month out mark... Scared for that! Lol.

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

A lot of those things will get done easily/quickly, so don't worry!


Melissa said...

Wow u have accomplished ALOT so far! I see you still need to get favors ,shoes & bridal party gifts. For my wedding I went with La Mode for my favors! She is a personal shopper but does gift services. She also helped me with my entire bridal parties attire and found the perfect shoes and accessories for an incredibly cheap price! It was amazing all I had to do was tell her what I wanted and she would shoot me emails with tons of ideas it was few less things I had to worry about. You should check out her website or she has a blog!

Best of luck with everything else I plan to follow ur blog.


Melissa said...

you've tackled so much thus far =) looks like you're making great progress! Good luck with everything dear. I'm sure everything will come along beautifully!

Kim said...

You are doing great! I also need to do some quick things to make my list a tad bit shorter - isn't it so satisfying to cross things off the list?

Mrs T said...

So glad I don't have a list like this anymore! We still have things on it now that never got ticked off. Bit late!

Best of luck getting it all done. Make sure you get everything done as early as possible. We left way too much to the end and ran out of time.

Thao said...

Wow! You have so many things checked off--all of the big things! We're done with the big things, too, and now it's all about details. I know you'll get the rest!

buhdoop said...

Checking things off lists make me feel so happy. I need to create on of these myself.