Friday, April 16, 2010

Fridays with Mr. Milk - Miami = Good Times!

For those following Chocolate Lover's blog closely, my apologies for not keeping to my Friday schedule. A mix of travel and ridiculous work schedules, plus preparations for our major relocation have kept my head in the hole... So what have I been up to lately? Biggest news is that I got a teaser of what my bachelor party could be like.

Nine of us met in Miami, arriving from England, Canada, Belgium and Germany to celebrate one of our close friend's bachelor party. We had an amazing time in Miami, which left me with an impression of a Vegas-LA hybrid city, perhaps with a bit more glare and 10 times as pretentious. We did everything from cruising on a private yacht to clubbing at Nikki Beach with Hed Kandi, and watching Roger Federrer and Marcos Baghdatis (our Cyprus tennis star) play at the Sony Ericsson Open. Super fun times! Here's some pics from my trip. I can't wait until my bachelor (which is now in the planning phase with my best man)!

Overall though, I must say it was great to be with my good friends and it made me excited to be moving back to Europe where I can be closer to them.

The view from our Miami Beach condos

The famous Nikki Beach

Sailing on a private yacht

Gotta love Florida's unpredictable weather! We got rained on big time the day of the tennis tournament, but thankfully managed to still watch a couple of games in the afternoon.



What are your guys doing/did do for their bachelor parties?

Until next Friday, this is Mr. Milk signing off. 

8 fabulous blogger's comments:

PartyPlannerGal said...

Sounds like you had a great time! And I'm so happy for both of you that you will be moving closer to your friends and family.

My guy is calling his party "the man party," and it is also in the planning stages with his groomsmen. I have no idea what he'll do, but I hope it'll be a great time!

Mrs. Smith said...

Sounds so fun!
My husband and his best friends all went camping and canoeing at this favorite place.
I think the best thing is to just pick your favorite activity and go for it, whether it's the "traditional" bachelor party or not.

Luna said...

looks like you were in my area. i live in miami near the beach. glad you guys had fun. nice pics too.

Salt said...

Wow that is a KILLER bachelor party! I love Miami.

Hubs' friends rented a bus for his and they went out to dinner and bars down at the harbor. It was fun times apparently. And they only dragged him to one strip club. :)

Mrs T said...

That sounds like one heck of a party!

Stesha said...

Miami sounds like a great location to have a bachelor party. In November, I'll attend a blogging convention there. I hope I have some fun.

Love all the photos!

Hugs and Mocha,

Amberdawn said...

Wow, looks beautiful. That must have been a blast :)

Iva said...

sounds like you had an awesome time!!