Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greetings From the Host City of the Winter Olympic Games

So many of you are fans of the Olympics and others not so much. I was actually indifferent to the winter Olympics until they came to Vancouver. The city has been buzzing with people, events, sports, culture, and its truly different. Mr. Milk and I are actually going to an Alpine skiing event this weekend and will take plenty of pics of Whistler and the games to show you guys. 

In the mean time, we've been out and about Vancouver checking out the sights and feeling of the city and I thought I'd share with you guys where we live and whats going on here!

Cambie Bridge heading into downtown

It sure is!

Mr. Milk and I in front of the new Olympic Line. We just got off the Bombardier streetcar. Unfortunately it will be removed after the Olympics. 

Pictures of the waterfront near Granville Island

Burrard Bridge from the water taxi

More waterfront shots. 

The Erickson building, built to look like the human spine.

More waterfront shots

Clearly the Olympics are in Canada

I can only imagine how much this ad cost!

I think it speaks for itself :)

Cherry blossoms already in bloom! Crazy!

The Shangri La Hotel - tallest building in Vancouver

Finally had a JapaDog. These have been all the craze around here for a while. We had the pork hotdog with terimayo, onions, and seaweed. It was ok. Not sure what the hype is about to be honest.

There is a light show every night along English Bay. Every 12 seconds the design changes. And the best part? YOU can make the design! Mr. Milk made a couple the other day. If you are interested in making one of your own go check out the Vectorial Elevation site

And last but by no means least, the Olympic cauldron! Its really as beautiful as it looks! The line up to see it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

18 fabulous blogger's comments:

Em said...

Your city is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so jealous. Can't wait to see your first-hand pics of some of the games!

Caro said...

Wow it is beautiful down there! I think if I go back to Edmonton this summer I will drive half a day to go to Vancouver.

Leanne said...

Its so pretty there! Coming from Toronto I am very jealous.

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Great photos! I'm ticked I didn't have the time to make the trip to Vancouver from here in New Brunswick. So jealous!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Lived in Toronto for 5 years and always planned to go to Vancouver, now i'm really bummed that I never went.

PartyPlannerGal said...

That Erikson building is crazy looking - in a cool way, of course!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Great pictures! I wish I was there for the Olympics!

Giovanna said...

you're so lucky to be there. i've been dying to go to vancouver for years. i love the olympics too.

redwhitebride said...

hope i could visit soon! and i've never heard of japadog :)

Ams said...

I just LOVE Vancouver... aw, I miss living there :)
Great pictures!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Great pics! Go Canada Go! I'm actually watching the Canada-Russia hockey game as I type.;)

Mrs T said...

That must be so fun to be in the middle of! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Katie said...

the torch is beautiful!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

The cauldron is so super amazing! THe pic of you two is so cute! Mr Milk looks hot! And that ad on the building is ridiculously insane!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You lucky thing! The waterfront looks gorgeous and ooh that light show!

Cocktails & Cashmere said...

Vancouver looks just lovely! Hubby MD and I were saying the other day that it has moved to into the top 5 of next vacation destinations. Debate now... visit in winter or summer?!?

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I love Vancouver. It's one of my favorite cities on earth. I worked up there a number of times on some movies before I gave it all up and became a full time mom. I miss it up there though. Take more pictures...I love seeing them, and Iove that the Olympics came there so everyone can see what an amazing city it is!!!

Stopping in from SITS

Lots of love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

buhdoop said...

Thank you for a peak inside! That Erickson building kicks arse :)