Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Wedding Binder

Every soon-to-be bride needs a little help with organization. This comes in the form of a binder! When Mr. Milk and I were first engaged, my friend Crystal informed clueless me that I needed one of these little tools. Thankfully she was also willing to help me make one! We trecked to many a craft store looking for the binder, the right paper, dividers, stickers, and all things wedding. Crystal has beautiful penmanship so needless to say I volunteered her to do all the writing :) Unfortunately at the time I had no idea I would be delving into the world of blogging and so do not have any pics of the process. The end product though is a different story

We bought a plain white binder and then looked around for wrapping paper with a design we liked to use as the background. The words and dress on the side are stickers.

We bought a small, clear pouch for the binder and placed the pens that I wanted to use - both for easy access and convenience. I've had these pretty colored pens for a while and now they get to be put to good use (finally!)

And this is where Crystal's penmanship made the world of difference - trust me, it would not look this good with my handwriting. We made dividers for invitations, the dress, the tux, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, the cake, color schemes, flowers, venue, music, favors, and...drumroll pls...honeymoon!

We used the stickers to also decorate the dividers. This one is the tuxedo divider.

The bridesmaids divider (not a great pic unfortunately)

And the groomsmen divider. As you might notice, we lost the "E". Those stickers are so finicky! Crystal was able to copy it in though. Nicely done! The whole experience was a great and highly recommended! It also helped me tap into my creative side. Doing things with friends is always fun too!

Have others created wedding binders? How was the experience? Did you find it useful?

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