Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ever been stuck on the freeway?

The other day my chocoholic friend and I were heading into San Francisco from the peninsula. Thinking that we were going to have some time to check out a store in Marin and grab a bite before she dropped me off at another friends house, our bubble was quickly burst by this...

Not fun let me tell you - and even less so for the person who was involved in the accident that caused this backup for sure! What was interesting was that people decided to get out of their cars and just walk along the freeway! After sitting in the car for a while we thought it would be an experience to get out and join in. Not to mention that standing in the shade of a lone eucalyptus was cooler than sitting in the car. Thankfully we were only about 20 cars away from the closure of the freeway and had to wait about 50 minutes before highway patrol cleared open a few lanes for us to get through. Could have been much worse. Hope the person in the accident is ok.

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