Saturday, September 5, 2009

The World of Photography

Looking for wedding photographers has been an interesting process. Since taking our engagement photos I have come to appreciate photography more than I did before, and have also been able to narrow down what type of pictures I would like for my wedding day.

On my search I found an amazing photographer in the Bay Area by the name of Jennifer Kloss Photography. Here is a sample of some of her most recent photos from a San Francisco wedding. I love the colours! Especially on the pictures of the details.

More of her work can also be found on her blog.

Having our wedding in Cyprus posted many photog questions. Could we find what we were looking for in Cyprus? Would we hire someone from North America that we liked? How much would that cost? What does that even involve? So I spent many an hour online looking into photography. I realized that the photos that most appealed to me were the ones with a photojournalistc outlook.

One of the few Cypriot photographers that I came across that met our requirements were a couple who took pictures of weddings in Cyprus and the UK called Amorphia Photography. We contacted them and they were great, but not available for the dates we wanted. Here is some of their work.
They too have a blog you can check out. They do some neat digital work on some of their photos, particularly those of "day after" or "trash the dress" shoots.

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