Monday, September 28, 2009

Personalized Candy

I remember seeing an ad for personalized M&M's on TV a few months back, maybe even around Valentine's day. Through all the great wedding blogs I've been reading the last couple of months, I've seen some great candy table displays.

Although we have a dessert bar included in our venue package, we wanted to check out the M&M's and see if we could incorporate them somewhere, somehow. So I went to their website and went through the process of creating a small bag of personalized M&M's. Now I only got a 7oz bag (smallest you can get) but they do 5lbs and 10lbs bulk orders for $130 and $250, respectively. You can choose to print photos, messages, or a combination of the two, and you get to select from a variety of colors and a few fonts. On one side they will have an "m" and on the other whatever you choose. Here's how ours looked:

Although it was fun to receive these, there were a few issues. The colors are not quite like the ones you see on the screen. What appears like mustard yellow was supposed to be gold, and the aqua was much lighter, pastel-like, on the monitor. Also the white and gold are meant to be metallic or pearl-like and this doesn't show up much on the actual M&M's. Highly recommend making a small bag to test out the colors before you go ahead and order more.

Also they only ship within the US, so anyone living elsewhere will need to contact them to see if they can ship to where you are.

Shipping is expensive because they over-night them since its a perishable product (M&M's aren't really all that perishable!) and for my small 7oz bag it cost $10. Can't image what the 10lbs box costs. They do an excellent job of packing them though I must say.

So although these colors didn't quite work out (not even sure if this will be our color scheme) it was definitely fun making them, waiting for them, and getting to see your wedding info in print on candy!

Are others having candy buffets? What are your dessert tables like?

2 fabulous blogger's comments:

Katerina @ GirlWithARing said...

This post made me hungry! I really want to do a candy buffet too - I think it can double as food and decoration, so a good budget idea as well. If we don't have any desserts except cake, we will most likely get candy in our colors. But I was probably going to buy stuff in person to avoid shipping charges and make sure colors are exactly right.

Maria said...

my FMIL did these for us for our engagement party. we had a similar issue with the color, but they're still cute! i'm debating on a candy bar at the end of the night, but these would be a great addition!