Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So the idea of eloping has crossed my mind many a time! At some point I was even contemplating a quick and easy ceremony by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. Classy huh?! I think it's so interesting that most brides-to-be at some point or another have this thought cross their minds - and even linger a little!

Recently it feels like many of us have had this fleeting thought. I was reading Cheap Fiancee the other day and she was talking about how large their wedding will be because they have a large family. I can totally relate. Just my immediate family (aunts, uncles, first cousins only) add up to 56 people! Girl With a Ring also mentioned how wedding planning was getting to her and was entertaining the thought of a very small destination wedding in SF. Even Classic Bride had a post about Eloping in NY!

I don't think the grooms-to-be go through this as much, if at all. I'm sure brides are more involved overall in the wedding planning process and perhaps are more invested in things like colors, flowers, attire, than the men are. I think the things that make me want a quicky wedding are the expense of it all, the mound of things there are to be done, and when people are trying to force their opinions on us.

In terms of Cyprus, Mr. Milk likes to call it the land of "it-can't-be-done" as many people have this attitude when faced with a novel idea. Granted our wedding will not be traditional in many ways and we have already had to deal with many questions/facial expressions/discussions about the things we want and don't want. At the end of the day though, it's pretty difficult to imagine our special day without the people we love, and even those who drive us crazy at times!

What makes you think about eloping? Have you others dealt with loved ones forceful opinions?

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Miss J said...

I LOVE the idea of eloping, as does most of my family, but the boytoys family isn't so fond of the idea. He's the oldest grandchild/child, so of coarse they want this for him. I love wedding planning(even though im not even engaged!) but the idea of doing it when it comes time to really make those decisions? Eeck.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I'm new to this blogging and its always exciting to see a new comment and follower!

Brittney said...

My MOH eloped in Vegas... got married at the Little White Wedding Chapel by Rev. Love =)