Friday, August 28, 2009

What does one have to do to get a ring around here

Mr. Milk and I are mostly in agreement about what's important for our wedding day and marriage. Flowers are beautiful but they don't last, the wedding dress can be gorgeous but chances of wearing it again are slim (at least not the same one!), so spending a ton of money on these things seems a little pointless. What we don't want to be too budget conscious about are our wedding bands and our photographer (more on him coming soon in a later post) since these are the things that last from your wedding day. 

We have been perusing stores for wedding bands in the last few months, trying to decide what we both like, if we want matching bands or not, and so on. Mr. Milk finally found a band that he was excited about from none other than Tiffany's (which I love, but then again, who doesn't, little blue box and all).

So we went to the store to ask about prices only to find out that this particular band is being discontinued. Tiffany's will no longer be making it therefore the only sizes you can get it in are the ones that the stores already have in stock. Well it turns out that Mr. Milk has a very common ring size! I have spent most of the morning calling a bunch of Tiffany stores in an attempt to see who has the ring in his size. Apparently there are only three (yes 3) left in the US market! And a few more internationally! The other issue with this particular ring (yes we try not to EVER take the easy road) is that because of its shape and style, it is very difficult to resize without leaving marks (or so we have been told by two separate sales people). Well, when the Tiffany jewelers are telling you that resizing is difficult you sit up and listen! Needless to say we want it even more now that it is hard to find and will be discontinued! In Mr. Milk's mind he will have a very unique ring in the years to come.

So I have called four different stores (and had a fifth one on my list) leaving my contact details and being told how difficult this is but that the sales people would do their best. I LOVE the customer service at this store. No matter who you are, or what you look like when you walk into a Tiffany store, or whether you buy anything or not, they treat you with courtesy and are super friendly. Well... the call finally came! The lady helping me at the Bay Area store called back to tell me that she had found one and was having it delivered to the store next week ready for me to go pick up! So happy! Although don't want to get to overexcited until its actually in the store and she has called me to say so. But still can't wait for my upcoming trip to San Fran to get it!

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