Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Month Anniversary

Wow, 6 months already! Time flies! It's been a fantastic first 6 months of married life and I hope that we continue this way for many many more!

Happy Anniversary to us :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Party To Remember: Our First Dance

So after Mr. Milk's super sweet surprise, it was time to head onto the dance floor for our first dance as husband and wife. We had taken one very last-minute dance class, as our chosen song (Michael Buble's Everything) was a little tricky to dance to. But the dance class was a waste of time :) On the actual day we decided to just wing it and enjoy the moment :)

Our lighting guy did a great job that night! So glad we added him in to the budget last minute. 

Love the colors in the smoke

My favorite one of all!

All Photos courtesy of Petros Sordinas Photography

Up next: Father/daughter, mother/son dances.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Party To Remember: Mr. Milk's Surprise

Hey ladies! Sorry to be MIA on you all, but for the last few weeks Mr. Milk and I have been house-hunting, and it is taking away far too much time from everything else. Most time I now spend on the computer is looking at houses. It is an exciting and frustrating process all at once! I'm sure many of you who have already gone through this can relate. I will hopefully be back to reading and commenting on your blogs very soon!

But I am ripping myself away from the real estate websites to tell you about my hubby's surprise at our wedding! I thought I knew everything that was to take place at the wedding, but clearly I was mistaken!

While I'm sitting there trying to eat my dinner, I see these two walking towards me

Mr. Milk, who was sitting next to me, takes off his jacket, grabs his violin, and goes around the table to join our best man and their friend. Now, Mr. Milk hasn't touched the violin in about 10 years!

At which point I realize that my hubs is serenading me, and the tears come. Again.

He melts my heart

They had the whole room captivated!


They then moved on to stroll through the guests, playing different songs. They must have been up there for 15 mins or so. 

These three lovelies used to do this exact same thing back in their late teens! They were called the strolling musicians and played at a hotel to earn extra cash.

One of my faves! People wouldn't leave them alone! They kept throwing out requests! Many people at our wedding have said that this was the highlight of the evening.

All Photos courtesy of Petros Sordinas Photography

I wish I had the video to show you guys! Might just have to do posts at a later point with some vids.

Up Next: Our first dance.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Party To Remember: Greeting Our Guests

Once we finished our meal, Mr. Milk and I went around and said hi to all of our guests. We took our champagne flutes and went round all the tables, clinking our glasses and thanking them for coming. There are a ton of pictures so I'll only show you a few so you can get the idea. 

Good friends! The two on the left are getting married in May!

Our best man and his gf.

More good friends!

Mr. Milk's Canadian boss giving us some advice :)

Mr. Milk's uncle

Part of the bridal party

Close family friends

My parents!

Oh, and this guy! Who figured it was more important to listen to the football game! LOL

All Photos courtesy of Petros Sordinas Photography

Up next: Mr. Milk's surprise!