Thursday, August 12, 2010

I've Missed You

Hello lovelies! I have missed you so! I have no internet in the new apartment and it is driving both Mr. Milk and I a little bit crazy! Unfortunately we won't be getting it anytime soon either! Since it is a new building, with 4 privately owned units, they have yet to connect the phone/cable company to the building, and our request is the first one. Everything shuts down here in August, so we are looking at September to be reconnected. I'm really not sure how Mr. Milk will survive this - most likely he will be searching for someones unprotected wifi connection :)

How are you all?! I have tried to read and comment as much as I can, but between moving, unpacking, multiple trips to IKEA, final wedding tasks, and the lack of a computer/internet, there isn't much time left. There are a few updates to report, so I will briefly mention them here and then elaborate more as soon as I have more time.

  • I have decided to keep my blog public. While I would still prefer it to be more private, I think doing so would make it more difficult for all my great readers and followers, and thats the last thing I want. Decision made!
  • We have decided on favors and are in the middle of ordering everything for them. All I can say at the moment is that they involve chocolate!!
  • Moving into our new home is going well. The apartment is starting to look and feel homey but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. We got most of our furniture delivered and all of our appliances, and I spent 2 days setting up the kitchen. It is almost ready for our first meal :)
  • Mr. Milk set up his bbq within 2 days of us moving in, and so now has a new baby. He is very proud
  • We have planned and booked my bachelorette weekend/party. It is taking place from the 3rd to 5th of Sept at a villa with private pool at the resort where the wedding is taking place! Can't wait!
  • Mr. Milk has also planned his bachelor party and is the same weekend as mine, which I think is very convenient. He is going to Budapest!
  • People have started RSVPing and we are excited that many also want to stay at the resort.
  • I have turned into bridezilla lately and am trying to keep her under control! When too many people get involved it drives me a little crazy!
  • I bought my garter set and gifts for my bridesmaids. Will show you soon. 
  • Flowers are still in the works and although I am not loving the lady who is in charge of weddings there, I am trying to work with her. 
  • There may be some good news brewing for me on the job front, but its too soon to tell just yet. Fingers crossed.
So whats going on with all of you? How are the wedding plans coming along? Congrats to all of you who got married while I was away from blogland!

24 fabulous blogger's comments:

PartyPlannerGal said...

Welcome back! Sounds like lots of exciting things are happening. Your bachelorette party sounds like it'll be amazing!

Ghenet said...

Glad to hear things are going well with you. I agree with PartyPlannerGal--your bachelorette party sounds really awesome!

Aubrey S. said...

Glad for the quick update. Sounds like you're settling nicely into your new place. Can't wait until you get your permanent internet connection and can give us more wedding details.

Don't stress though. You can always share after the fact.

SG to SP said...

Welcome back! I would go nuts with the Internet. haha

Sounds like things are really coming together. Glad you are keeping your blog public so we can all follow along.

Cat said...

No internet?!?!? will you survive! It is amazing on how reliant we have all become :)

ruthy ann said...

having no internet SUCKS. :(

but it looks like its allowing you to accomplish a lot! :)

"Queen" Vic said...

Oh hai! There's you are!

I'm glad the grill is set up. We all know men don't feel complete without their tools in place.

Our wedding favors might include chocolate too, but we are also toying with the idea of a donation to a charity instead.

Glad to see you back, and staying public! :)

Hannah said...

Welcome Back!
I definitely don't want Pete knowing about your new baby... he's been vying for one for ages now!
(We just don't have it in the budget!)

Bicoastal Bride said...

We've missed you, girl! :) It sounds like you definitely have your hands full but are getting things done. Looking forward to more updates!

thehickbride said...

Yay for an update! You've been busy! Holy girl! That's awesome!

We love BBQing and T defintely made sure that was the first thing we took care of when we moved too!

Dancy said...

Yaay! You got a lot done in a short amount of time lady - go you!

Oh & you're totally allowed to go all Bridezilla when you don't have internet access. That would drive me INSANE!!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Yes I have missed you for sure but I am positive that you are being kept uber busy. I can relate. I have not been able to follow and comment on all the blogs I was just a few short months ago because life has just been so crazy. I chalk it up to the chaos of summer time. Which therefore means that you are super close to the big day! I hope you can keep Bridezilla in check...for the most part, I was really good at keeping her locked up.

As far as with me, I just blogged about our post wedding shoot we did on Tuesday at our venue and cannot wait to share some pics soon hopefully!

Morgan said...

Congrats on all the recent progress, both on the home and wedding front! Hope you don't die without internet access! ;)

Live Out Loud said...

So glad for the update and I'm sure glad you're staying public. Good choice.

Congrats on the new place starting to come together - though it won't feel like a home without internet, huh??

Chocolate sounds like a good choice. Can't really go wrong with chocolate, can you?

Love the updates! Continued good luck!

MERgetsMRSed said...

I just tagged you for an award!

Princess Christy said...

Hrm.... looks like Mr. Milk is set to make a lot of dinners! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home :)

Mrs T said...

Wow so much has been happening! That BBQ looks good. Your private villa party sounds like it will be awesome. It's all getting so close. I'm really excited for you. x

Salt said...

Sounds like you have so much goodness going on! I love it. And I love that BBQ.

I'm glad you decided to stay public with your blog too. :)

Spare Thoughts said...

Missed you too! Good luck with getting settled in. That is one mighty bbq!

Ali said...

my husband also just set up his grill and we've been grilling ALL week! i keep joking its his new love child! less cooking for me :)

Melissa said...

I don't think I could survive without my internet. It would drive me crazy. Your party at the villa sounds exciting and fun.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

No internet, oy! But the apartment looks good so far and the bbq is so essential!

Good luck on the job search dear!

buhdoop said...

Whoo hoo! You are getting so much accomplished. Congratulations! Don't worry about the bridezillaness, it will pass :)

Brittany said...

Long time to talk! I have been kinda MIA lately! Glad you decided to keep your blog public. I have always enjoyed reading yours!